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Do you discover bitcoin? Keplerk Blockchain ™ is the simplest and most accessible solution for buying and selling bitcoins. Insert your phone number and receive a link to download the Keplerk Blockchain ™ application, integrating an easy-to-use and secure bitcoin wallet.

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Future is now

Keplerk Blockchain is a French start-up offering the general public a simplified access to crypto-actives and in complete freedom.

The choice of distribution with large networks of convenience stores has added a reassuring and reliable component to accessibility.

Cryptocurrency, and more particularly Bitcoin, is about to revolutionize the way of thinking economy, furthermore the current situation is very often compared to the beginnings of the Internet at the end of the last century.

Bitcoin benefits from a young and disruptive image that makes it naturally a product, extremely attractive for millennials who perceive in this new value, a currency corresponding to their vision of a open, fairer, more responsible, breaking with the standards they inherited.

Keplerk Blockchain's challenge, is to accompany these changes and to participate in the transformation towards the Blockchain economy by offering, «The right services at the right time».

Our ambition is to offer services that combine the Blockchain transition and the incorporation of bitcoin into the economy while being sufficiently responsible and reassuring in the response to the legitimate concerns of the players in the current system.

Our mission is also educational and for that the interfaces and platforms offered to users focus on ergonomics and maximizing the user experience, as well as scalable tools adapted to the level of technical knowledge of users.

The security and reliability of computer systems are among the things Keplerk has paid the utmost attention to. The implementation of proactive processes and security protocols ensures the resilience of the system and the sustainability of the offered services.

CEO Keplerk Blockchain

A dedicated and concerned team

Our teams of developers, salespeople, UX and designer work hand in hand to meet and anticipate the needs and expectations of our users. The tools we offer at Keplerk Blockchain are designed to be scalable and best meet everyone's skill level. Our promise is to be always attentive to your expectations and any proposals that you could communicate to us and evolve to continue to offer a service that suits you.

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Never loose your Bitcoins

Our storage solution offers the advantage of protecting you against the risk of losing your wallet keys. You will always be able to resume access to your cryptocurrency thanks to the documents provided during your registration.

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Keplerk Blockchain has surrounded itself with reliable partners who are leaders in their field. To know how to convince by his seriousness in order to build mutual trust.